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Aplic Embroidery knitting jacquard top

Aplic Embroidery knitting jacquard top

Aplic Embroidery knitting jacquard top :

  • Knitting fabric
  • Multi Aplic work
  • Multi color Embroidery
  • Font back and sleeve embroidery


Aplic Embroidery knitting jacquard top :

  • Aplic of diffirent color fabric with Embroidery knitting jacquard ,
  • Very Diffirent Concept with Aplic work
  • Different Concept, Different Segment, multi color embroidery top with front, back and sleeve

Creative Design Studio manufacturer of ladies garment, we provide ladies garment as buyer requirement, we are working on all fabric like cotton, polyester, Neutral fabrics, working for Ladies top, Digital Kurti, cotton tops, Evening Wear, Kaftan, Beach wear, Digital print tops, Digital print with beading tops,  we working with hand beading work, machine embroidery work, hand embroidery
we provide embroidery fabric too, as buyer requirement Fabric and design, we provide  dyeable embroidery, we customize design and base fabric as buyer need, we do beading fabric too, for like pillow cover, curtain, table cloths,
we are manufacturing of ladies bags purs, like dori bags, cotton bags, Embroidery Bags,

Contact us at info@creativedesignstudio.co.in


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